In computing, the students have to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge during their training(formation). At the same time, it is essential that they exercise these skills through projects. These allow them to apply their knowledge to large-scale problems in a context close to a professional situation, within the framework of a group work.
The acquired experience is so very useful for the occupational integration of the students and the important part (but not exclusive!), granted to the pedagogy by project in our training’s(formations) is appreciated(estimated) by the recruiters.

We present you here some students’ projects.

IT License (Bachelor’s degree)

nessquick NesQuick
A draft L1 L2 on NES games, réalisé par Virginie Guillemot, Olivier Schyns, Johnatann Vulphie,Andy Torrez. L & rsquo; objective was to design a website integrating RSS and ratings of utilisateurs.Vous can get sources on this site.
The labyrinth
A L2 project, realized by Pauvert-Brisard, proposed during the education(teaching) of Conception(Design) Object. This project asks to the students to realize a graphical interface for a mini-board game.
A project of L1, realized by Guillemot-Verité, proposed during the education(teaching) of Methodology. This project asks to the students to implement simple algorithms of encryption by using a beforehand conceived(designed) graphical interface.
The story of the games – videos
A L1-L2 Maths-Informatique project proposed by the university François-Rabelais, realized by Nicolas Nivette-Alexis Perge (writing of articles), AlexandreDubois-Sylvain Emonet (management of the database) and Steven Ratton Armand Grillet (design of the site).
mymovies MyMovies

Movies recommendation L3 project based on a selected film. Project directed by Jean-Gabriel Leroux, Orrico Maxime, Pires Valentin, Sylvain Vénéreux, Maxime Pauvert. This project is a transverse project which implements many L3 also acquired skills (BD, HIM, Statistics…)

Master SIAD

Master IT4BI

Video playback of an information research project on creating a search engine using the database IMDB.