computer lab
The professors (teaching and research) in computing of the department are members of the team BdTln (Databases and treatment of the natural languages) of LI (Laboratory of Computing) of the University François Rabelais of Tours.
BdTln has for theme of research the representation, the manipulation, the maintenance and the analysis of voluminous data. These data are more or less structured : strongly structured for the relational databases, semi-structured for the bases of documents XML and weakly structured for the textual corpuses.

The searches(researches) for the team BdTln are structured around three excellent domains :

  • Warehouses and search(excavation) of datum
  • Services(Departments) and data of Web
  • Natural language processing and interaction

This strong link between education(teaching) and search(research) allows to renew constantly our knowledge in the state-of-the-art domains of the computing. A presentation(display) of the team BdTln (in English) is available here.


  • DOPAn : project of Regional initiative on the data opened for the piloting and the analysis with the Monitoring center(Observatory) of the economy and the territories of Loir-et-Cher

BdTln Team Laboratory Site