Every year since 2010, the department conducted surveys to know the opportunities of graduates of Master SIAD. For promotion 2009-2010 M2 SIAD, 95% students found a permanent job and 5% continue their studies, and promoting 2010-2011, 100% students have found jobs in CDI.

For promotion 2011-2012 M2 SIAD:

  • 61% students have found employment before graduate (in the wake of their training period study)
  • 72% found employment in 3 months after graduation
  • 89% found employment in 6 months after graduation

The average gross annual salary in the first job is 28200 Euros, with a variation between 27300 euros (minimum) and 37800 Euros (maximum). The central region is the main source of employment (between 42 and 57% students). The first occupied functions are predominantly functions of decision-making consultant and engineer studies.

For promotion 2012-2013, more than 66% M2 students have a proposal to CDI from training.

  • 88% Students found even before be graduates
  • 6% found employment in 6 month
  • 6% are stationed in & rsquo; foreign

Their average gross annual salary is € 30,571, with a variation from a minimum of € 28,500 to a maximum wage that amounted to € 35,000 gross annual.