To give an international dimension to its university program is enrichment for the student in a globalized world and one more for its curriculum vitae.
The IT department offers you exactly program international through two sectors of excellences recognized by the European Union and a strong collaboration :

  • A licence ECS (European Computer Science) which allows to benefit from two licenses (Bachelor’s degrees) of Blois + license (Bachelor’s degree) of the university of welcome in the third year of license(Bachelor’s degree)) at the end of first two years of license(Bachelor’s degree) in Blois then one year of L3 to one of the partners of the network ECS. For the students wishing to integrate this course, additional courses in language are distributed in 1 and 2 in Blois.
  • A Master BDMA (Big Data Management and Analytics). This selective sector, open from the back 2017, is pooled with an accredited Erasmus Mundus Masters, and offers unique training in Europe. The second year of the Masters is taught completely in English, and thus welcomes students from around the world wishing to acquire strong skills specific to big data.
  • A double diploma of Master’s degree was set up (1 on 1 year at’the university Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis (Senegal), 1 year in Blois)

These trainings(formations) are in coherence with the other diplomas delivered in Blois. We are very proud to participate in these European programs in association with prestigious partners.
From part their selectivity, these diplomas are not accessible to all. The students who do not join them, can always give an international dimension to their program, as a mobility abroad, in Europe (Erasmus) or North America (CREP) for example.
The IT department has long experience of this type of exchange and will strongly support you in your mobility project.