Licence ECS

European Computer Science


The ECS is an international license Excellence courses integrated with Computer Science. It allows selected students (under license 1) prepare a double degree in international realizing their third year of study at one of our European network partner. computer license of right to regard the French diploma, it leaves you open the possibility of pursuing long studies.
Testimony of Thibault PROUTEAU

Testimony by Natalia Duske (FR)

IT License (Bachelor’s degree)

The License (Bachelor’s degree) of Computing aims at giving to the students a control(master’s degree) of the fundamental in all the domains of the computing, by adding it a very marked raising awareness(sensitization) to the business world, validated by an internship.

Bet on the fundamental

The IT License(Bachelor’s degree) aims to be a springboard towards the post of IT engineer and thus the pursuit of studies in Master’s degree.
However, this program is conceived(designed) so that the students holders of the License(Bachelor’s degree) have a training(formation) enough complete and professionnalisante to be able to position on the market of the employment(use) if they wish.
So, the aimed skills are a robust scientific basic knowledge, the control(master’s degree) of the fundamental of the IT discipline, and a raising awareness(sensitization) to the business world.

Look towards the company

This training(formation) leans on partnerships with recognized actors of the computing such as Cap Gemini, Atos, Apse … Of numerous stemming professionals of the same companies intervene in the teachings of the License(Bachelor’s degree).
Throughout their program, the students also receive specific teachings allowing them to arrest(dread) better the corporate culture: communication, labor law, management and simulation of company.
The presence of an internship in L3 also joins in this will to professionalize the License(Bachelor’s degree) and to make a training(formation) always closer to expectations(waits) of the recruiters.

Aim for success

The question of the failure in the university entrance is real, because of the absence of selective entry of L1.
Thanks to our promotions(classes) with young staff and a permanent follow-up of the students (continuous assessment of knowledge, tutelage with a teacher referent), our license(Bachelor’s degree) allows more than 85% of the holders of high school diploma S to succeed every year.
The situation is more complex for the students stemming from another series of high school diploma and who do not arrange knowledge required in mathematics. It is for them that we have a route(course) « support to success » in L1.
This one consists in proposing to the students not holders of a high school diploma S , refresher courses in mathematical and of support in computing, as a replacement teachings of physical appearance(physics).
Every year, this route(course) allows the success of holders of high school diploma ARE, L, STI2D even more rarely of professional holders of high school diploma with IT component. These students however obtained generally a mention(distinction) B or TB in the high school diploma, or had chosen an option mathematics on this occasion.

Responsible for the mention License

Jean-Yves Antoine

Professional Bachelor. QSSI

Quality & information system security

Master CCI

Complementary skills in Computing

Master IT4BI

Information Technologies for Business Intelligence

Master SIAD

Master’s degree SIAD[:in]

IT License (Bachelor’s degree)