Professional Bachelor. QSSI

The License Pro. QSSI trains the students in the implementation and the maintenance of methods and tools for the quality and the information system security of a company or an administration.

Offer skills recognized by the profession

This level training Bac+3 brings the skills required by the IT production, resting on the works référencant the « best practices » of the profession as the services(departments) (ITIL) and in information system security (ISO 27002).
The term « safety »(« security ») not only makes a reference to the confidentiality but also to the guarantee of an availability and a sustainability of the data and the services(departments).

Answer the problems of the ground

This specialty is rapidly expanding on the labor market, because since the year 2000, the problem « safety »(« security ») evolved a lot : focused at first on technical questions of encryption or protocols of identification, guides of best practice were built little by little, resulted in standards, and numerous tools were developed to master the events.
Today it is clear that it is by the integration of the quality and the safety(security) within the classic processes of management of the systems that a company will succeed in making sure of the most reliable possible plan of production.
The jobs(businesses) by the safety(security) diversified : if the function(office) of » administrator(director) (security) network "is still reserved for level qualifications engineer, there are more and more tasks in the follow-up of safety policies, the administration and the maintenance of the tools of control and protection, which are not within the competence of an engineer, even though(just when) they are vital.
The graduates of the professional license(Bachelor’s degree) QSSI are trained(formed) for such functions(offices).

Official site

Responsible for the Licence Pro. QSSI
Béatrice Markhoff et Nathalie Friburger

The training(formation)

  • Four credits :
    • Core knowledge :
      databases, networks, Operating systems
    • Communication and begun(undertaken) :
      English, corporate culture, right(law) and management
    • Technical Tools for the quality / safety of information systems
    • Management of the quality / safety of operating systems
  • A project of the end of studies of 2 month (part-time) in a company or to the IUT(UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)
  • A company internship of 4 month (March-June)
  • An open learning training


Functions of technician superior / assistant engineer in domains :

  • of the integration of services(departments) or applications
  • of the development of applications and the software engineering
  • of the architecture of systems in networks
  • of the administration of systems and networks
  • Information Systems, databases, Web servers