IT License (Bachelor’s degree)

The License (Bachelor’s degree) of Computing aims at giving to the students a control(master’s degree) of the fundamental in all the domains of the computing, by adding it a very marked raising awareness(sensitization) to the business world, validated by an internship graduation.

Bet on the fundamental

The IT License(Bachelor’s degree) aims to be a springboard towards the post of IT engineer and thus the pursuit of studies in Master’s degree..
However, This curriculum is designed so that students holders of the license have a sufficiently comprehensive and professional training in order to position themselves in the job market if they wish.
And the skills involved are a solid scientific knowledge base, Master the fundamentals of computing discipline, and awareness of the business world.

Looking now

Open to the company, The Computer Science License offers future graduates the necessary assets to find a job as a senior technician / assistant engineer.
This training is based on partnerships with recognized IT players such as Cap Gemini or Atos. Many professionals from these companies are involved in the teachings of the Licence.
Throughout their curriculum, the students also receive specific teachings allowing them to arrest(dread) better the corporate culture : communication, labor law, management and simulation d & rsquo; business.
The presence of a training period d & rsquo; L3 studies is also in the desire to professionalize the license and making an ever closer training expectations of recruiters.

Achieving Success

The question of & rsquo; failure to & rsquo; entry to the & rsquo; University is real, above all because of the orientations suffered or erroneous by the students.
Thanks to our promotions with small numbers and a permanent follow-up of students (continuous control of knowledge, tutoring with a teacher referent), our license(Bachelor’s degree) allows more than 85% of science baccalaureate graduates to succeed each year (see lower success rates).

The situation is more complex for students from d & rsquo; another round of baccalaureate and who lack the required knowledge in mathematics. It is for them that we have a course "helping to succeed" in L1. This consists of offering students without a baccalaureate S refresher courses in mathematics and support in computer science, replacing d & rsquo; physics lessons. This course has shown its interest for almost 10 years ago. It allows the success of ES baccalaureate holders, L, STI2D even more rarely of professional bachelors in computer component. These students, however, have generally got a mention or B TB bachelor, or chose a mathematical option on this occasion (see lower success rates).

In which course will I be at the start of the school year ? – Sure PathSup, two types of positive answers can be given to you. If the answer is “Yes” (or “yes pending” because our reception capacities are limited), this means that we have judged that you have the skills to follow the general course of the license. If the answer is “if yes” (or “if yes – waiting”), you will be asked to follow the path to help success. This means that we feel that you have a fair chance of succeeding in what should be seen as a reorientation..

Some elements on the average success rates in our L1, on the 5 last years, can help you assess our level of requirement (due to COVID-19, the results 2020-2021 with the new baccalaureate are not significant).

Responsible for the mention License (Bachelor’s degree)
Mohamed Taghelit

The training(formation)

  • Four areas of fundamental teachings :
    • Programming and algorithmic
    • Databases
    • Web applications
    • Applications mobile
  • Lessons dedicated to the corporate culture : technical English, communication, management
  • Numerous group projects and practical work to concretize the concepts taught
  • An internship in a buisness of 4 month (at the end of L3 studies)

Program & Application (version 2018 – 2023)

The license booklet (version 2018 – 2023)

Continuation of study

Authorizes prosecution of studies in all or Master School of Computer Engineer specialization.


The license(Bachelor’s degree) aims at a pursuit(continuation) of long studies, but it is however possible to assure(insure) the functions(offices) of assisting engineer in domains :

  • Integration of services (departments) or applications
  • Development of applications
  • Software engineering
  • Administration of systems and networks
  • Information systems, databases