Verónika Peralta

Associate Professor


  • Member of the Computer Science Department - DI (Unviersity of Tours), since 2008.
  • Head of the Computer Science Department - DI (Unviersity of Tours), since 2021.
  • Member of the bureau of the Faculty of Sciences (Unviersity of Tours), responsible for enterprise relationship, since 2017.
  • Previously in charge one school year of the Master Programs on Big data management and analytics (BDMA) and Decision-support Information Systems (SIAD), 2013-2021, and 3rd year of the Bachelor Program on Computer Science (Unviersity of Tours), 2010-2013.
  • Local coordinator of ECS Bachelor program - ERASMUS exchanges (Unviersity of Tours), 2019-2021.

Teaching experience


I am currently participating in the following courses:

  • Data knowledge and quality. Master BDMA, 2nd year.
  • Content and usage seminar. Master BDMA, 2nd year.
  • Transverse project. Master BDMA, 2nd year.
  • Data warehousing. Master BDMA, 1st year.
  • Decision-support project. Master BDMA, 1st year.
  • Database fundamentals. Master BDMA, 1st year.
  • Database design. Bachelor, 2nd year.
  • Databases and web programming. Bachelor, 1st year.
  • Data quality fundamentals. Lifelong learning.

See a complete list of my courses.

Last update: October 6th, 2021