Verónika Peralta

Associate Professor


  • Member of the CS Laboratory - LIFAT, since 2008.

Research Topics

My recent research activities tackle the general subject of automating the process of interactive data analysis. More specifically, my thoughts turn to the quality of an interactive analysis.

My research interests include quality of analysis, quality of data, quality of service, data analysis, data mining, data narratives, storytelling, personalization, recommendation and OLAP, especially in the context of autonomous, heterogeneous and distributed information systems, and particularly in a big data, cloud or data lake context, in the presence of poorly (or not) structured data, of varying format and quality.

Research Projects

I am currently participating in the following projects:

  • Madona – Mastering interactive data analysis for journalist narration
    Founded by French GdR MaDICS (CNRS), FRANCE.
  • DOING – Intelligent data: transforming information into knowledge
    Founded by French GdR MaDICS (CNRS), FRANCE.
  • Mobi’Kids – Daily mobility of children in urbain areas
    Founded by French Research Association (ANR), FRANCE.

See a complete list of my research projects.


See a complete list of my publications.

Student Advising

I am currently co-supervising the PhD thesis of Clement Moreau, Faten El Outa, Flavia Serra, Raymond Ondzigue Mbenga and Raphael Bres.

I previously co-supervised the PhD thesis of Frederick Bisone (2019-2021), Krista Drushku (2016-2019) and Mahfoud Djedaini (2015-2018).

I was advisor of the master thesis of Elena Martirena (2007-2008), supervised the master internship of Clément Legroux (2021), Willeme Verdeaux (2018), Yann Raymont (2018), Oliver Ripka (2008-2009) and co-supervised those of Mathis Rharbal (2021), Antoine Chedin (2019), Federico Mosquera (2015), Tahirou Famata (2011-2012), Laura González (2008-2009), Edmond Herri (2006-2007) and Salvador Tercia (2005-2006). I had also supervised several engineering-degree 8-month internships (from 2000 to 2009).

I was reporter of the PhD thesis of Matteo Francia (2021) and the master thesis of Flavia Serra (2016), María Viola (2014) and Ignacio Larrañaga (2007). I was member of the PhD jury of the students I had co-supervised, I was member of the jury of several master thesis of the BDMA and IT4BI master programs (2019 and 2018) and participated to the mid-term PhD defences of several students of the IT4BI doctoral consortium (2015-2017) and local students (2018-2021).

Organization of scientific events

I was chair of the program committee of EDA French conference, co-chair of QAUCA international workshop (2019-2020) and workshops co-chair of the EGC French conference (to be held in 2022).

I organized a regional symposium on Business Intelligence (1e Journée du Décisionnel en Région Centre, 2015), and was member of the Organization Committee of an international conference: CIAA (2011) and some French conferences: EGC (2022), EDA (2021, 2013).

Committees and Boards

I was invited editor for a special number of IJDWM (2014).

I served as reviewer for several journals: DKE (2021, 2020), JDIQ (2021, 2016), IS (2017-2019), ISI (2014-2018), IJBIS (2016), IJDWM (2015), OJDB (2014), ISF (2011), and national journals: .

I was member of the Program Committee of several conferences: EDA (2021, 2013-2015), DOLAP (2017-2020), DAWAK (2020), INFORSID (2017), ICIQ (2016), QLOD (2016), QMMQ (2014), CLEI (2009-2014), ICEUTE (2013), QDC (2011), DEXA (2004-2008), RJCRI (2006).

I was project reviewer for the Uruguayan Research Agency (ANII) in 2014.

Memberships, Responsibilities, Prizes and Distinctions

  • Elected member of the Council of CS Laboratory - LIFAT, 2018-2019.
  • Member of the Uruguayan Program for the Development of Basic Sciences - PEDECIBA, 2008-2012.
  • Young Researcher Prize. Uruguayan Research Found (FNI), Education and Culture Ministry (2005)
  • 3rd prize in the 10th Latin-American Concourse of Master Thesis, CLEI-UNESCO (2003)

Last update: October 6th, 2021