Nathalie Friburger

Associate Professor
University of Tours, France


My work deals with natural language processing and specially, the automatic extraction of named entities and cascades of transducers.

Ph.D. students

2009-2012 Damien Nouvel (co-supervisor with Jean-Yves Antoine and Arnaud Soulet) 2014-2019 Fatma Ben Mesmia Chaabouni(co-supervisors Denis Maurel and Kais Haddar, I was associated to this thesis)


I have developed a tool, named CasSys, permitting to work on cascades of transducers. This tool is implemented in the Unitex text processing system with an IDE but also in command line (windows/linux/macOS). The source code is also available in LGPL Licence. CasSys allow to apply cascades of transducers on texts to do syntactic analysis, chunking, named entities recognition (NER) etc. using a very friendly interface to edit the cascade and the transducers.