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Research activities
I am coordinating the "NLP and interaction" research theme of the BDTLN sortie vers site BDTLNteam. The following researchers are involved in this theme : Agata SAVARY sortie vers site BDTLN, Denis MAUREL sortie vers site BDTLN, Anaïs LEFEUVRE sortie vers site BDTLN, Nathalie FRIBURGER sortie vers site BDTLN, Benoit Rouxel (PhD student from the Lab-STICC nouvelle fenêtrelab) as well as my former colleagues Damien NOUVEL sortie vers site BDTLN (LIMSI) and Jeanne VILLANEAU sortie vers site BDTLN (IRISA). 

DHM Spoken Human-Machine dialogue - Spoken language processing

  • EMOTIROB sortie vers site EMOTIROB Project : speech understanding and detection of emotions for a companion (PhD of Marc Le Tallec, 2012)
  • ANCOR sortie vers site ESAC_IMC :project : resolution of nonimal anaphora in spoken language

TALP Handicap and smart homes : NLP and Human-System Interaction

Computer-aided communication

  • Sibylle sortie vers site Sibylle AAC system : PhDs of Igor Schadle (2003) and Tonio Wandmacher (2008) : adaptive language model for word prediction (Latent Semantic Analysis)
  • VOLTAIRE sortie vers site ESAC_IMC(AFM) et CVK-SibySem (Alcatel-Lucent /Garches Fundation)projects: integration of the Sibylle word prediction module in the CVK sortie vers site ESAC_IMC / CiViKey sortie vers site ESAC_IMC virtual keyboard.
Ambient assisted living
  • EMOTIROB sortie vers site EMOTIROB project (ANR Robotics) : emotional companion robot for vulnerable children.
  • DANAH project (Lab-STICC nouvelle fenêtre) : non-Intrusive monitoring system for ambient assisted living and service delivery to people with special needs (PhDs Thanh TRUONG, 2010 ; Willy ALLEGRE, in progress

Termino Named Entities recognition

  • Sequence mining for NE recognition (PhD of Damien NOUVEL - 2012)
  • Named entities detection in conversational speech (EPAC sortie vers site EPAC and VARILING sortie vers site VARILING & ELSO2 projects)

Corpus Corpus linguistics

  • Linguistic analysis of spoken dialogue corpora (speech disfluences, word order variation, anaphora)
  • Bank of french speaking corpora of spoken dialogue : PAROLE PUBLIQUE
  • CO2 and ANCOR sortie vers site ESAC_IMC projects : corpus studies of pronominal and nominal coreference
  • TEMPORAL project : temporal annotation of spoken language corpora

Termino Evaluation of NLP systems

  • Speech understanding : DCR and DEFI methodologies, workgroup GT 5.5 of theGDR-I3.
  • Handicap : user evaluation of Sibylle AAC system with people suffering from cerebral palsy (ESAC_IMC sortie vers site ESAC_IMC project and PhD of Samuel POUPLIN).
  • Named entities detection : participant in the french speaking ESTER2 nouvelle fenêtre (2009) and ETAPE nouvelle fenêtre (2012) evaluation campaigns.
  • Inter-coder agreement measures and evaluation of emotion detection systems

Termino Human-Systems Interaction and mobility

  • Handicap and smart homes : computer-aided communication systems and user control of ambient assisted living.
  • nteractive systems for the detection of anormal situations in costal trafic monitoring (RECONSURVE sortie vers site ESAC_IMC europen project : Phd of Benoit ROUXEL, in progress)

Didactique Didactics of computer science

  • Convergence of Learning Techniques (COLT project) in the European Union
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Conferences - I am a member of the scientific comitees of the following events :

SPLAT'2014 workhop sortie vers site ESAC_IMC on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (Baltimore, USA)

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Some of my publications are downloadable. Have a good lecture ! Please feel free to contact me if you have some questions or remarks...


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