The computer science Department of the Université François Rabelais is attached to the character professionalizing its training. That is how all the courses offered by the Department concluded by a compulsory course of end of study in business :

Beatrice Bouchou-Markhoff and Patrick Marcel are since September 2009 responsible for courses for the Department. This page provides information on the courses to students and professionals. The Licence professional QSSI is managed jointly with the IUT de Blois, internships are managed by this establishment.


You want to offer an internship subject in your business ? Some information to better inform you on what you can bring our students.

Skills of our students

Computer Science of our students possess basic computer skills and have higher technical level of competence in this field.

Our Master students are students of engineer specialized in information systems, the decision support, Web technologies and software engineering.

For more information, you can view the contents of our curriculum :

Training periods

Training periods are as follows :

  • IT License (Bachelor’s degree) : May-July / August
  • Master Computer : de Février à Aout

As early as November, you can send us your internship topics.

Validation of internship subject

Each course is under agreement, It belongs to the future trainee to validate its subject of course to establish the convention.

For further information, you can contact Beatrice Bouchou-Markhoff and or Patrick Marcel.


You will find in this section some documents that will help you in the administrative running of your internship.