Licence ECS

Same skills, international dimension and more

The European license ECS leans fully, with regard to disciplinary skills and entrepreneurial culture, to the computer Science General.
main difference, the last year of study is carried out in a foreign university or engineering school ECS network partner.
It is an opportunity for the student to acquire a rewarding experience and strengthen his resume by popular international note of recruiters.
During his year abroad, the student will also follow a different particular specialization of what is proposed to him in the classic licence.

More than just Erasmus

Our ECS license is European and the year of mobility abroad is carried out on an Erasmus exchange. However, this curriculum offers more than a simple exchange Erasmus :
Preparation upstream to mobility : from L1, you are preparing for mobility through courses provided foreign language strengthened in the curriculum.
personalized Home : two years before your departure, the host institution is preparing your future arrival. otherwise, ECS, is a network of partners working together for more 10 years ago. The partners have thus acquired a strong common experience that facilitates reception and success of students.

The partners of ECS network

Five universities or engineering schools may welcome you abroad as part of the ECS program.

Institution IT specialization Language of instruction
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
technical computing German
University of Burgos
Artificial intelligence Spanish
Polytechnic of Coimbra
Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Portuguese
Polytechnic of Turku
Embedded systems English
Université Ca’Foscari
Timosoara University 2

it testifies…

Natalia DUSKE (FR)

Natalia DUSKE (IN)

Natalia DUSKE (FROM)

ECS official site

Responsible for the mention License (Bachelor’s degree)
Jean-Yves Antoine

The training(formation)

  • Four areas of fundamental teachings
    • Programming and algorithmic
    • Networks, architecture, system
    • Databases
    • Web applications
  • A specialization in the last year abroad
  • Additional foreign language lessons
  • Lessons dedicated to the corporate culture

Program & Application

  • Soon join the L1 computer Science Standard on the Blois site
  • Selection of students at the end of the 1st half of L1, on results and motivation

Continuation of study

  • Authorizes prosecution of studies in all or Master School of Computer Engineer specialization
  • International Masters (such as Master IT4BI will of course pay attention to this type of resume
  • Possibility of continuing international in the Master of our partners, but without funding Erasmus