Apply for a License

Reminder on the license application procedures :

  • licence 1 : For holders of a French baccalaureate (or holder to come), to register, you must go through ParcourSup and then follow, in case of acceptance, the described procedure here.
  • licence 2 and license 3 : For French students, citizens of the European Union and non-European foreign students and off-campus space France, you must complete application process on the platform He's a candidate before the 22 June 2018. Once your account is created on the platform, choose the "Validation of prior learning" tab and follow the procedure. students previously enrolled in L1 or L2 Math-Info in Tours or Blois and having validated their year are registered as of right in the next year. Re-registrations will be made from 06 July by ENT or on site after making an appointment.

    For more information, refer to the page dedicated to computer Science.