Master SIAD

The IT Master’s degree, the specialty "Information systems for the Decision-making support", aims at training(forming) specialists in decision-making computing, that is IT specialists specialists of the information systems who understand and help in the development of the strategies of the persons in charge of companies and the decision-makers.

Le master SIAD n’accepte que plus d’inscriptions. Il est désormais fusionné avec le Master BDMA (Big Data Management and Analytics).

Tout étudiant souhaitant postuler pour un master must be part master BDMA.

Engineers to accompany the strategy of development of companies

The decision-making computing (Business Intelligence, BI) is an IT sector dedicated to the organization of the capacity of collection and analysis of big volumes of data, to generate some knowledge and the added value, by supplying help services in the decision at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. Since its creation 20 years ago, the BI became an immense industrial domain and an important engine of the economy, little affected(allocated) by the economic crisis, and is another growing fast sector, constamment mentionné parmi les priorités des Chief Information Officers ` travers le monde, as shown by the analyses of analysts’ Forrester toilets(offices), IDC et Gartner.

The decision-making computing covers a wide scientific and technical domain (databases, integration and quality of the data, the technologies of Web, construction of information systems, analysis and search(excavation) of data, search(research) for information). The program is conceived(designed) to bring the knowledge, the know-how and the skills in these particular sectors of the computing necessary for the decision-makers.

Concretize the skills

One significant part of teachings (between 30% and 40%) is assured(insured) by professionals of the computing stemming from large companies as from SME(SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) local: Atos, Umanis, Apside, Talend….

The professional aspects are approached in the fault :

  • of teachings of English of 30 hours(am) by half-year that must favor their mobility at the international level
  • of teachings bound(connected) to the organization of companies (labor law, commercial responsibility, management, analysis financier, management et marketing)
  • of a decision-making project management in M1
  • of a company internship of 6 month in M2

A backing in the research

The decision-making computing is the specialty of the professors (teaching and research) of the IT Department of Blois, the themes of research of which are directly bound(connected) to the programs (warehouses of data, search(excavation) of data, technologies of Web).

Responsible for the Master's degree Nicolas Labroche

The key points

  • Undifferentiated Master’s degree
  • Selective training in M2
  • Decision-making in M1
  • Training course of 6 month in a company or research lab
  • Seminaries livened up by industrialists or researchers, initiation to the research
  • Classified among the best Master’s degree 2013 (Classement SMBG)

Program & Application

Merci de noter que le Master SIAD est désormais fusionné avec le Master BDMA. Aucune inscription au Master SIAD n’est possible, merci de consulter la page du Master BDMA.


Jobs of decision-making consultants, engineers study and development

  • Possibility of pursuit of study in doctorate
  • Rate of hiring under permanent contract (CDI) 100 % (2014) 66 % (2013), 72 % (2012), 100 % (2011), 95 % (2010)
  • in 2014, 88 % students found employment in 6 months after graduation
  • Average gross salary 30 500 euros per year
  • Ponds of hiring 40% region Centre, 20% IDF region, 40% other places in France

Further information