Master CCI

The Master’s degree CCI is a complete training of one year which trains the students not IT specialists in the conception(design) and in the development of IT applications.

Bet on the fundamental

This high-level training (+5) allows the stemming people other domains (Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physical appearance(Physics), Management, …) to acquire and to master the theoretical and practical knowledge in computing when the double IT skill is more and more looked for by companies.
The Master’s degree CCI is a training in computing which allows the students or to change professional course(cape) or to widen their field of expertise. This degree course bac+5 takes place in single year.


A part of the training of the first half of the year corresponds to the common-core syllabus and allows the students to acquire a solid general training(formation), allowing them to evolve towards all the jobs by the computing in the future.
From January till March, the students follow the teachings of UE6 (credit). This unity(unit) proposes several EP (Educational Elements) optional : the student has to choose 3 among 5 proposed.
The options allow the students to specialize in conception(design) and development of Classic or Web applications, either networks or databases. What allows to cover all the job offers of the market.

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The training(formation)

Skills has the outcome of the training :

  • Conceive(Design) and realize applications
  • Play the intermediary, between the decision-makers and the computing frames(executives)
  • Develop in several languages : C # .NET, Java, PHP
  • Conceive(Design) and set up networks intranet or connected(bound) with internet
  • Administer and use databases of type(chap) : SQL Server
  • Assure(Insure) the IT maintenance


At the end of this training(formation), the students can be recruited as :

  • Programmer/analyst
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • IT manager
  • Administrator(Director) and designer of databases
  • Consulting technique