The word of the Director

I am happy, students, students, parents, and IT professionals, to welcome you to the Department of Informatics website of the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques University of Tours.

This department is located mainly on the website Jaurès in Blois, mais aussi à Tours (Site Grandmont). It offers two licenses 3 Masters in Computer Science.

The IT Department has a dynamic team of teachers and students listening. Each promotion is on a human scale (thirty students per group). These two criteria allow us to offer a personality monitoring of students and achieve very good success rate.

Our department is looking to the international and the world of business. license good students have the opportunity to integrate the European course ECS (European Computer Science) which allows students to complete their course in a European university recognized and get doing a double degree in computer (Bachelor of Science). likewise, nous sommes très fiers de participer au master d’excellence européen IT4BI (Information Technologies for Business Intelligence, Erasmus Mundus label) prepares a triple degree in collaboration with prestigious European partners.

Opening up the world of business starts in the first year license (Module pre-vocational) and then continues crescendo. So, by the third year of license, many courses are taught by IT professionals (over + 30% in master and professional license) and Internship 2 at 4 month license and 6 Master in months must complete our curriculum. Our master students and are engineering positions from obtaining their master, more than 80% CDI and many in the Centre Region.

In 2017-2018, le master en français SIAD (Master’s degree SIAD) et le parcours d’excellence européen IT4BI fusionnent pour devenir le master BDMA Big Data Management and Analytics. La deuxième année de master sera en anglais et regroupera ainsi des étudiants du parcours M1 français et des étudiants venant du M1 de Bruxelles puis de Barcelone. Cette formation répond aux besoins des entreprises, tout en bénéficiant fortement de la qualité des activités de recherches en informatique décisionnelle et en big data menées par les enseignants du département.

The students from non-scientific training (BAC S) are not so far forgotten. First-year license, un parcours d’aide à la réussite leur permet de rattraper une partie de leur retard en mathématique et d’être soutenus en informatique. This route however requires strong motivation and advise students interested to contact us to discuss their study project.

For students wishing to acquire professional competence in the context of a short degree courses (ferry +3), we offer our IUT colleagues a professional license QSSI (Quality & information system security) that provides opportunity again very strong with a level of qualification of assistant engineers.

likewise, Tours on, we offer master students who want to learn computer skills a complementary master 2 CCI.

As you can see, our training offer is rich. It enables students to acquire solid theoretical foundation adequacy computer as with the needs of business with our IT advanced skills.

In the name of all the team of the IT Department, I wish you a good visit of this site. Our team remains at your disposal for any questions related to your profile and your desires.

Thomas Devogele

Thomas Devogele
University Professor
Director of IT