Application – L2 Computer

Important dates

Who can APPLY L2 ?

The second year of Licence (L2) is ipso facto open to all students who have completed a L1 in Mathematics or Computer. Can also APPLY in L2 Students with training LAC +1, les titulaires d’un I or BTS, and students who have completed a year of CPGE (preparatory class Higher Mathematics).

Nominations will be reviewed by an educational committee.

For the french students and nationals of the European Union, you must follow the procedure provided here.

For the Foreign students from outside Europe in space Campus France, you must register online on the website campus france.

For the Foreign students from outside Europe and outside space Campus France, you must follow the procedure described here.

What is the recruitment process ?

Pour les étudiants issus d’une autre formation que la L1 Sciences et Techniques de l’Université de Tours, a teacher made education committee examines the complete records of each candidate to assess the adequacy of their previous course with the proposed training and motivation.

How To apply ?

For French students, citizens of the European Union and non-European foreign students and off-campus space France, you must complete application process sur la plateforme He's a candidate. Once your account is created on the platform, choose the tab “Validation of learning” and follow the procedure.

The étudiants précédemment inscrits en L1 Math-Info à Tours ou Blois et ayant validé leur année sont inscrit de plein droit en L2. Les réinscriptions se feront à partir du 06 juillet par l’ENT ou sur place après avoir pris rendez-vous.


How to know the result of recruitment ?

Successful applicants are informed individually by e-mail, mail or phone. They must confirm their registration within two weeks. After this time, Candidates who have not confirmed their registration are considered to have waived their registration.

A complementary list to provide for any resignations.