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JIRC 2018: Journée Informatique de Région Centre

JIRC are yearly workshops gathering the LIFO and the LIFAT laboratories. Since 2015 they are organizd by the ICVL federation.

The 2018 edition will take place on Thursday, 29 November 2018 at the LIFAT (see the directions):


8:55-9:00 Welcome
9:00-9:15 Opening, ICVL news
9:15-10:15 (session 1, session chair: Béatrice Markhoff) Keynote:
Alessandro Mosca: UNiCS: An ontology-mediated open data platform for Research and Innovation
10:15-10:45(session 2, session chair: Laurent Bobelin) International collaboration:
Agung Alfiansyah: Anonymat et d'imagerie médicale
10:45-11:15 coffee break
11:15-12:15 (session 3, chair: Sébastien Limet) Recent joint work connected to ICVL-funded topics
11:15-11:35Dany Brégéon, Jean-Yves Antoine, Anaïs Lefeuvre-Halftermeyer, Jeanne Villaneau: An experimental attempt to give a meaning to inter-annotator agreement measures
11:35-11:55Thomas Devogele, Clément Moreau: Extraction de motifs de trajectoires sémantiques similaires
11:55-12:15Pascal Berthomé, Cédric Eichler, Benjamin Nguyen, Maria Rossi: Differentially private and secure influence computation in Online Social Networks
12:15-12:45 (session 4, chair: Benjamin Nguyen) Computer science & multidisciplinarity
12:15-12:30Andrew Thompson (Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS Orléans): Challenges for data treatment in scientific large scale facilities
12:30-12:45Sylvie Treuillet (PRISME, Polytech'Orléans): Analyse de données multimodales pour le patrimoine
12:45-14:15 Lunch (salle Ada Lovelace)
14:15-15:15 (session 5, chair: Donatello Conte) Keynote:
Luc Brun Graph edit distance: A short panorama of historical and more recent methods
15:15-16:15 (session 6, chair: Nicolas Ragot) Computer science & multidisciplinarity
15:15-15:45Raphaël Canals, Adel Hafiane (PRISME, INSA Bourges): IoT, traitement d’images et apprentissage pour l’agriculture et le médical
15:45-16:15Driss Boutat (PRISME, INSA Bourges): Estimation by means of observers (Software Sensors)
16:15-17:00 Convivial networking discussion on multidisciplinary aspects of computer science

Keynote speakers


Please, fill in the registration form by Thursday 22 November at latest.

Organisation committee

Logo credit: Catherine Tallon (Université d'Orléans)